jenn reidel

Content matters.
David Hall, of Guild Hall, Inc. needed a redesign, photography and copy. I helped him figure out the content he needed to meet his website goals. I selected photos of the homes he built and advised that they be presented in individual project galleries. I wrote keyword-rich copy, detailing his services and projects to enhance his website's SEO. In addition, David hired me to photograph his latest Vashon construction project, the Solstice House. I interviewed the owners of this energy smart home and unearthed true praise for the builder, Guild Hall.


"I love the wonderful work you’ve done on the website. Thanks! It looks great! Now, get to bed!" — Jim Diers, Neighbor Power
Jim Diers is a passionate about building community. He travels around the world telling stories about the projects (Fremont Troll, P-Patches and more) he helped organize while working for the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. Now he is joining the World Wide Web community with his new website, neighbor I designed and developed the site in just two weeks time (yes, I did work late some nights), because Jim needed it done before he left on his Resurrection Tour, which is detailed in the WordPress blog I installed and customized for him to write about his travels.


"It's no joke. It's a work of art." — Rand Harper, Darshan Partners
2013 ended with a vibrant website I designed and developed for Darshan Partners, Rand Harper and Lisa Fisher. I also designed their new logo. My research for visuals to illustrate their tagline, "Igniting Vision," produced an abundance of macro photos of flowers that look like fire. These fire flowers create quite an impact, just like the Darshan Partners. Next up is finishing their WordPress blog.


"Looks awesome… you have a terrific eye and flair!" — Arlette Moody, Studio Bliss
I created this Vashon Theatre Movie Ad for Arlette Moody, owner of Studio Bliss. I photographed her in her studio in the fall. I said I wanted to bring the outside in. So we swung open her doors and created a warm, welcoming feel…just like her!