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Artist Interviews for Gallery 070

Vashon was very lucky to have Gallery 070, and I was the lucky writer who got to interview the artists who showed there. Click on the image below to read a few of the articles I wrote that were published in the Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber.

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Hazel Wolf (Common Ground Magazine)

A crow lands on a wire outside Hazel Wolf's tiny apartment. The bird settles its wings then darts its head from side to side. Bulldozers roar below, digging deep into the earth, where a new high-rise will soon be built.

Wolf, one of the environmental movement's most prominent advocates, lives alone on Capitol Hill, a densely populated Seattle neighborhood. Her eyes turn toward the kitchen window. She says she can't see the bird, but knows it is a crow by how it moves. A wry smile crosses her 100-year-old face. Is she conjuring up one of her famous comic one-liners?

Welcome Vashon interview: Paul Colwell (page 5)

As a way to bring attention to the wonderful projects of Welcome Vashon, I offered my interview series to our local island newspaper theĀ Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber and, well, they welcome them on a regular basis!

Tellers of Tall Tales (Washington Magazine)

"Nettie Connet did just about everything. She was born in Sandy, Oregon, and homesteaded 80 acres there.

"She wore ridin' pants and a man's jacket, and a nice red felt hat. Now, she did put on a dress now and then, but see, she had false teeth very early in life, and she needed a place to put them.

"She was a great hunter, though a bit tricky that way. Sometimes she would go out just when hunting season opened, and she'd be the first one to ride through town with this big deer strapped across the Studebaker truck that she used to drive all the time. Folks that went up noticed that it looked like the same deer every year, and it was pretty cold, but they never told her.

"And she was a moonshiner. One day while driving into Portland she was stopped by a couple of policemen. They asked her if she knew where Nettie Connet lived. 'She's known to be a moonshiner and we want to catch her with the goods.' And Nettie, with a whole truckload of moonshine behind her, gave them precise directions to her house and kept on driving."

Art Hansen (Island View)

Seeing Vashon Island through Art Hansen's eyes is an honest, humorous journey filled with grand and small surprises. In his work we become as awed by the land as he. Hansen has been inspired by all that it offers, from the tallest fir tree to the tiniest clump of garlic. You can trust him to capture what we might miss in our fast-paced lives. His drawings are like those gentle reminders we occasionally hear to "stop and smell the roses."

Life, it seems, has been generous to Art Hansen, handing him his destiny early. He has fashioned an artistic career which melds easily into his every day, a life force, very much like breathing. Add his determination and sense of place and it all spelled early success for Hansen.


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