jenn reidel
Letters of Recommendation

I had the good fortune of working with Jenn Reidel over a four-year period while serving as Head's Assistant and Business Manager of The Harbor School. Simply put, Jenn is a delightful individual who infuses a mixture of creativity and fun into her working relationships while maintaining a high degree of professionalism.

Jenn has a keen sense of people, and her perceptive nature allows her to tap into the needs of her clients. As a result, she experiences a high degree of success in delivering a final product, which reflects these needs while at the same time not compromising her vision.

It is rare to find an individual who displays a combination of professional integrity with a sense of humor and playfulness.

If you have the good fortune of hiring Jenn Reidel, you will not be disappointed. She is a highly capable professional with excellent people and communication skills. She is a bright, creative, extraordinarily talented and hardworking individual.

Ellen Welch


I highly recommend Jenn Reidel to those interested in working with an intelligent writer and editor, a talented photographer, and savvy graphic designer.

Jenn was the editor of Vashon Allied Arts newspaper, Island View, for 13 years. I worked with her for the last two years and was impressed with Jenn’s professionalism and greatly appreciated and trusted her ability to manage every detail of our monthly publication.

She is a creative artist who has the ideas and skills to effectively produce content for a variety of communication projects for print or web. Her natural curiosity and intuitive interview style is evident in her thought-provoking articles. She is highly skilled at capturing the essence of people in her writing and in her photography. She also has a good eye for design and an incredible ability to meet deadlines.

Jenn’s work comes from the heart. Her commitment to promoting the arts not only helped Vashon Allied Arts grow, but also benefited many individual artist’s careers. She was forefront in our mission to keep the arts alive on Vashon Island.

Molly W. Reed
Executive Director


In 1995 I hired Jenn Reidel to produce our monthly arts publication Island View for Vashon Allied Arts. She has been the editor, graphic designer, photographer and has written many of the articles. Over the past 13 years I have been fortunate to work closely with her and have found her easy to work with, reliable and she has consistently met all her deadlines.

In her position as editor of Island View she has worked with staff, board and a diverse group of community members all with differing personalities. She has shown kindness, patience and her sense of humor when dealing with the many ideas that are often presented. In particular, since I am Arts Education Director I have worked closely with her on our huge class program that offers over 50 classes per term in dance, drama, visual arts, pottery and music. Jenn has careful attention to detail and offers her expertise and creative eye to make the class descriptions, photos and registrations easily readable and appealing to the public and she has done it all with a smile.

Over the years she has interviewed both performing and visual artists as well as volunteers and written interesting and compelling articles that entice you to want to read them. She has done countless photo shoots for our thriving dance program and also photographed many artists in their studios. Her photographs have a clarity and sensitivity about them as she captures the smiling young face of a budding ballerina or the intense commitment and passion found in an artist. Her growth as a photographer and artist has been a treasure to witness.

I would highly recommend Jenn Reidel as a hardworking and very talented woman who would bring much to your organization.

Janice Mallman
Arts Education Director
Gallery Curator