jenn reidel
Cyanotype portraits of Valerie Roberts

I wanted a “portrait.” Jenn found a way to portray my essence in an impressionistic way that captured way more than a “picture of me” could ever have. Jenn’s empathic sense led to revealing things about myself I didn’t even know were there! The process itself was a joy, and I love the results: my “triptych” portrait. —Valerie Roberts

Gelatin Silver prints of Mary as Demeter

Jenn’s work delights me. How she weaves the narrative of story with a sense of ritual into visual image creates a doorway to enter her photographs that is unusually inviting – a bridge that allows for personal exploration and experience while also catapaulting us into a shared world with mythological references and cultural allusions. Not to mention her wonderful ability to evoke laugh-out-loud humor! It was an honor to be invited to participate in the creation of her Persephone and Demeter series. Lots of fun traveling to the Southwest together – and astonishing what she pulls together – where her imagination and artistry lead us. Working with her sparks a deep and fruitful engagement with creativity, nature, and the complicated business of sharing the experience of being alive.—Mary G. L. Shackelford

Mary as Demeter

Encaustic transfer portraits of Stacey Hinden for "Blood" Performance

"Working with Jenn was an incredibly creative and synergistic process. From the moment I saw her photographs I felt drawn to working with her... the surreal quality and story elements of her work felt very akin to my own visions as a movement artist. In the most satisfying dance, there is no leader, no follower, only attunement of bodies, minds and spirits. I felt a resonance of this nature with Jenn as she and I wove our visions for my performance work BLOOD. Her mind's eye seemed to midwife these photos — a work of art in and of themselves — that captured an essence of union with nature that I was seeking to portray. What a gift!"—Stacey Hinden