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Geology in the Public Interest

“Jenn did an amazingly creative and efficient job putting together our website. She designed the entire thing and added custom photos and text to maximize it's effectiveness and draw, all the while keeping us on track. We are really happy with the outcome and impressed that she did it within our budget, which was no small task in itself. We will be relying on her to update the site regularly.” — Dr. Gregory R. Wessel, President, Geology in the Public Interest

Geology In The Public Interest is a Seattle-based organization of geologists and engineers who identify situations where the application of geologic expertise can solve significant environmental and social problems. This nonprofit needed a professional redesign of their website,, to help launch their mission to raise funds for their projects. I designed and developed their site using WordPress and the template Avada.

Susa Holt Integrative Counseling

"It is beautiful!!!! You did a lovely job!" — Susa Holt Integrative Counseling
Susa Holt is a naturopath turned integrative counselor working in Seattle. One visit to her Queen Anne office and I knew she loved art and color. So I incorporated both into the design of her first WordPress website. In our first meeting, what stayed with me was that she loved gingko leaves. I searched and found the perfect painting that has three gingko leaves for the home page (body, mind & spirit), and the artist used her favorite colors! Susa is also a big nature lover who takes lots of photos, along with her husband, and we decided to use many in her site. Together we wrote dynamic keyword-rich copy that detailed all the ways she could help her clients heal body, mind and spirit. I trained her to update her website and to post to her blog.

Audio Engineering Society

The Audio Engineering Society was founded in 1948 and has 14,000 members worldwide. Their current website,, is very extensive, with information about conventions, conferences, regional, section and student news. The site was in need of a modern, responsive makeover. I redesigned the site using HTML5 and Bootstrap 3. I used more photos, sliders and animated text to grab the attention of the members. The website was launched in August to rave reviews from the staff, board and members.










Charlotte House, CST, LMHCA

"Oh WOW. It's everything I thought it would be. It's so exciting to see the little touches you made that add to the ease of using the site." — Charlotte House, CST LMHCA

Charlotte House is a healer who needed photos and a responsive website as dynamic as she is. She had a vision, and I helped her make it a reality by creating her portrait and customizing a premium WordPress template for her. Then I trained her to blog and update her site.



Wendy Flores Counseling

In my Discovery meeting with clients, I ask them to give me a few adjectives to describe how a visitor should perceive the new website. Seattle counselor Wendy Flores said, "Safe. Healing. Holistic." For hours I searched for ideas to visually represent these words. I search until I feel "in love" with an idea. Then, the idea came in the middle of the night. I woke up with the word "leaves" in my mind. The visual splendor of the life cycle of the leaf inspired Wendy, a counselor in Seattle who helps women and teens suffering from depression, anxiety and trauma move forward in their lives. In addition to designing and customizing her WordPress website, I also helped edit and write the content.

Jody Myers, MA LMHC

"I am glad I found Jenn to help me develop my website. I saw a gorgeous website and asked the owner who did it. When I got Jenn's name I contacted her and we proceeded to make mine a similar paradigm of beauty. Jenn is responsive, intuitive and artistic. She integrates what you communicate with her, adds her artistic sensibilities and the result is a sensual, eye-catching  finished product to represent you. She is meticulous to detail and responsive to input. Trustworthy and competent. Jenn is a gem." — Jody Myers

I am so glad Jody Myers, MA LMHC,  contacted me to create her website. Upon first meeting her, I could feel her compassionate heart in a big way. To illustrate the site I took the chance to present to her some black and white photos with a touch of color. You don't see black and white images very often on websites and she loved the idea. I developed her website using a premium responsive WordPress template, and I trained her to update her content.

Ina Whitlock

I am honored to have designed and developed Vashon's Poet Laureate and artist Ina Whitlock's website. Though she has been writing and publishing her stories and poetry for decades, this is her first online venture at


Guild Hall, Inc.

The design of a website begins with content. David Hall, of Guild Hall, Inc. needed a redesign, photography and copy. I helped him figure out the content he needed to meet his goals. I selected photos of the homes he built and advised him to present them in individual project galleries (see below how the projects were presented before and after my redesign). I wrote keyword-rich copy, detailing his services and projects to enhance his website's SEO. In addition, David hired me to photograph his latest Vashon construction project, the Solstice House. I interviewed the owners of this energy smart home and unearthed true praise for the builder, Guild Hall. I also wrote David's proposal to present the Solstice House at the 2013 Ecobuilding Guild 10-10-10. He not only won an opportunity to present, but he won an award! Congrats David!



Neighbor Power

Jim Diers website features wonderful photos of the projects he helped neighborhoods around the world organize to better their communities. His number one advice to community activists is to "Have fun!" My goal as a designer is to show his passion for people and his fun attitude about life. I found a fun graphic of a man holding on to an earth balloon that we agreed worked well to bring attention to his travel blog. Jim didn't originally have a tagline. I suggested one I heard him say while watching YouTube videos he was in — "What is your hope for your community?" He changed one word right before launching…he changed the word "hope" to "dream". Wishing you luck, Jim, in helping the world's dreams come true!

Darshan Partners

"It's no joke. It's a work of art." — Rand Harper, Darshan Partners
2013 ended with a vibrant website I designed and developed for Darshan Partners, Rand Harper and Lisa Fisher. My research for visuals to illustrate their tagline, "Igniting Vision," produced an abundance of macro photos of flowers that look like fire. These fire flowers create quite an impact, just like the Darshan Partners. Next up is finishing their WordPress blog.

Welcome Vashon

I designed and developed the website for Welcome Vashon, a nonprofit sponsoring community projects by Vashon Islanders. Also, I am pleased to announce that I am a writer and photographer for Welcome Vashon. I am doing a monthly interview series on "welcoming." I decided on colorful blocks of news to welcome and invite visitors to read about Welcome Vashon's projects and interviews.

"You might try Jenn Reidel. She is now working on her second project for us and I have found her to be sincere, conscientious, on time, reasonable and fun and easy to work with."
— Dr. Daniel Kaufman

Global Counseling

Stefan Schlesinger and wife Heidi of Seattle-based Global Counseling had a visual design in mind that began with the photo of our dear Earth and some of her amazing landscapes.

ATR Engineering


The Luminous Body

I just finished the design and development of for Sunny Speidel, a Vashon reiki master. Inspired by her "void" logo, I suggested to Sunny that we incorporate photos of outer space, and she loved the idea. When I put the photos taken by Hubble next to photos of human cells, it was interesting to find the tiny things that make up our physical body are much like what appears at times in the celestial body.

Sunny said, "I am so grateful for how much you've done to make this a beautiful and great website for me. I feel like I'm leaping!"


Island Yoga Center

Also this year, I approached Kathryn Payne of Island Yoga Center about redesigning the center's website. Having practiced yoga at the center, I thought her current website,, lacked the personality, warmth and calmness found at the studio. My redesign features photos of all the IYC teachers and students, color and the IYC logo Kathryn designed!


Clear Lighting Solutions

Clear Lighting Solutions hired me to develop an identity (logo, business card, website) to set them apart from other LED lighting providers. The company just needed a one page website for now. I designed and developed the site in XHTML and CSS. I created a dynamic jQuery slideshow of locations where LED lights can be used and wrote headlines targeting the solutions and benefits of LED lights. The website,, is designed and developed to grow as the company grows.

Brandi DeFazio

Brandi DeFazio, who launched a therapy practice in Issaquah, needed a website design that reflected her calm presence and love of nature. She had a vision, along with a preferred color palette of green and purple, and an attraction to calligraphy fonts. In our initial Discovery meeting we bounced around ideas to graphically represent her. What resonated with me was her offer to get out of the office and walk with clients during sessions. Brandi loved my ideas of using photos of pathways and making the footer section a path containing her contact information. I created a custom template using CSS/XHTML and trained Brandi to update her site,

"Jenn, thank you so much for everything. You made this process easy for me, and together we created a beautiful, clean, and easy to navigate site. You have a great eye, and helped break down this daunting process into sizable chunks for me. I found you very open to my ideas, plus willing to provide expert guidance when I needed it. Most of all you took the time to get to know me which assured the site creatively and accurately expresses ME and my business. I have already recommended you to several friends and colleagues." — Brandi DeFazio



Charlotte Masi Gourds

Gourd artist Charlotte Masi was my first website client three years ago. This spring 2012 I redesigned her site I widened the layout and added jQuery slideshows to the home and about pages. The gourd portfolios are now powered by Galleriffic, and using my CSS skills, I customized the gallery to fit the design.  I also created some new portraits of Charlotte and wrote her artist statement and bio. In addition, I trained her in some basic HTML so she can easily update the site herself.

"The great thing about working with Jenn is that she is multi-talented. She's a talented writer, takes amazing photos, and designs creative web pages! " —Charlotte Masi

Nicole Grey Yoga

Nicole Grey hired me for my portrait photography, editorial, graphic and CSS skills to help her design the pages of her website The challenge for me was to fit a lot of content into the Fancybox pop out windows already in place, and do it in a way that the visitor would not have to scroll to see the information.


Fruit of the Womb Birth Services

Amber Matusky is a Vashon Island doula who offers birth services and placenta encapsulation. On December 8, 2011 I launched her new website that I designed and developed in XHTML and CSS. I also created the logo.

"Jenn came highly recommended to me by several people when I began my search for a web designer. She was very fun to work with and she put together a beautiful site that really reflected me and my business in a quick, professional and affordable manner! I have already and will continue to recommend her to my friends for their web development needs! Thanks Jenn!"
— Amber Matusky


Jessa Zimmerman, MA

Jessa Zimmerman is a smart counselor who serves a wide range of clients. I helped her design and develop the website to reflect her message of hope and possibility. I found photos of hands in nature to inspire the feelings of positive growth, love, and change clients can experience when working with Jessa. I created the drop down menu using only CSS. I customized a Wordpress blog for Jessa to publish her articles. I also trained her to update her website, and Jessa has changed the site to reflect the many ways her practice is growing.

"I saw a couple today in my office who said they came to see me because my website was so great. Thank you for finding a way to take who I am and what I do and create a powerful visual impression that communicates that!" — Jessa Zimmerman



James Culbertson

I designed and developed James Culbertson's new portfolio site He is a talented video editor who hosts his work on Vimeo. I used Colorbox to power his work reel and Galleriffic to view his photos.

Discover Genius

Patrick Mc Manus is an Einstein look-a-like who is using his talents to help others find their genius. I am currently designing and developing his site to help him promote his acting, speaking and mentoring talents. My design inspiration for the logo and type was sparked when, during my research, I noticed that Albert Einstein is often photographed in front of a chalkboard.


Vashon Central

In July, I successfully launched, Vashon Island's first temp service and resource network. The new business, Vashon Central, is owned by Amy Wolff. I designed and developed the site. In addition, I took the photos of Vashon people at work and framed them like Polaroid snapshots using some new CSS I learned. Amy loves the site. Here is what she said, "The website is fantastic. Exactly what I wanted. I am so happy with it."


Julia Haack Portfolio

I recently completed the design and development of Seattle artist Julia Haack's website  I coded her portfolio site in XHTML, CSS and Javascript. I also taught Julie how to size her photos in Photoshop and FTP her images using Filezilla. This is a great skill for an artist to have, and helps her save money so she can make lots more art.







Turtlehead Farm

There is the most AMAZING place in the world called Turtlehead Farm on Orcas Island, and I had the most amazing opportunity to design and build the website for it! I developed the site in XHTML and powered the photo galleries with Lightbox. I also helped write the content and update it yearly. Check out the site at

Pat Graney Company Website Redesign

In my last quarter as a web design student at Seattle Central Community College, I was hired as a volunteer intern to redesign the Pat Graney Company website. The old site had some tables gone astray. My goal was to make the site more readable and draw attention to the Education programs and need for donations, as well as the performance history of this talented Seattle choreographer. I successfully earned work experience credit toward my Web Design Certificate, which I was awarded in December 2009. The site is still a work in progress.

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